Pediatria Healthcare for Kids. 353 Markle Avenue. Harrisburg. PA. 17111.


Pediatria Healthcare is an innovative provider of pediatric day healthcare and pediatric private duty nursing. The company is led by a team of skilled pediatric healthcare professionals, focused on delivering clinical services that promote the ultimate level of wellness for medically fragile children, while educating and strengthening the entire family.

Children with complex medical problems are cared for by their highly skilled nursing professionals.

As CAIU employees, we (OT, PT, Special Instruction, and SLP) service the Harrisburg location, a local pediatric day health center. The children's medical conditions are managed by the superior skilled nursing professionals. Our role as specialists is to support the nursing staff, on age/developmentally appropriate educational opportunities for children with medically fragile conditions and limitations; making sure to educate on proper handling, positioning, seating, play scenarios, mobility and ambulation, evaluate the need for durable medical equipment, facilitate developmental skill acquisition, adapt and modulate the environment to enable each child's individual experience for the promotion of learning. The children are seen in various settings such as in 1:1 therapy scenarios or in social groups and community based settings such as on filed trips to Hershey's Chocolate World. CAIU specialists support the collaborative effort.