Occupational Therapy Plan:
Isaiah is seen once a week for direct OT intervention. He is provided with support to school personnel (SSP) in the form of social skills group on Mondays and "Zones of Regulation" group on Thursdays.

OT Goals:
#1: Isaiah will demonstrate 80% compliance with modifications and/or adaptions made in his school setting for the promotion of functional independence with no more than 3 verbal/visual prompts achieving a maximal score on his activity rubric scales.

#2: Isaiah will demonstrate the ability to report 3-5 internal and external characteristics of an emotion, the expected and unexpected behaviors associated with the emotion, identify the intensity of a hypothetical situation and 3-5 age appropriate tools to use in the situation achieving a maximal score on a rubric scale.

The following pictures and video clips capture Isaiah during his occupational therapy sessions.

Isaiah in the "Blue" zone.

Isaiah in the "Green" zone.

Isaiah in the "Yellow" zone.

Isaiah in the "Red" zone.