OT Goal:
Eldin will demonstrate ability to button/unbutton 4 large buttons, zipper his jacket/coat and brush his teeth independently; ascend stairs in reciprocal fashion holding one rail and complete his motor routine with 1-2 prompts achieving maximal score on a rubric scale.

OT Goal Rubric:

Brush teeth
Motor routine
Total = 15
Independent with all steps; completes task to logical end
Climbs stairs using reciprocal pattern; holding 1 rail and maintaining boundaries to right side of stairwell
Completes 10 squats holding medium size ball overhead, completes 20 foot touches into folded mat with hand held assistance and completes 10 sit-ups

Less than 50% assistance
Less than 50% assistance
Verbal prompts, physical assistance
Climbs stairs using reciprocal pattern; with physical assistance or verbal prompting
Completes 2/3 tasks of motor routine; intermittent verbal cues and less than 50% physical assistance

Hand over hand
Hand over hand
Refuses/hand over hand
Refuses to use reciprocal pattern or reciprocal pattern observed in less than 50% of the steps.
Completes 1 task of motor routine; regular verbal prompting and more than 50% physical assistance

To help Eldin participate in vocational experiences, a mail route was established at Hill Top Academy. Eldin was supported by his occupational therapist in the development of the mail system, job responsibilities, cognitive aspects, mobility needs and communication access and use. His PCA and OT accompanied him on the route,to maneuver his mail cart, to match numbers to the mail files, distribute mail and encourage communication. The following video shows how Eldin has progressed in his mail delivery skills.