OT Plan:
Brendan is seen for direct occupational therapy two times a week for 30 minute sessions. He is seen on Monday and Thursday afternoons, at 1:30 pm. He is also provided with weekly Support to School Personnel (SSP) in a co-led social skills/social thinking group with his speech and language therapist, Kim Cain.

OT Goal:

OT Strategies:

Mindfulness Resources

The following pictures and videos show Brendan participating in his occupational therapy interventions, social skills groups and field trips.

Brendan really enjoys sensory based tasks and opportunities to practice calming strategies. On this day, I suggested to the classroom to join me outside, in the sunshine, to complete yoga. As shown, Brendan participated in all poses and the results are priceless. This would be an ideal calming activity to practice in the home setting as well.
Brendan completing advanced side plank!!

Brendan completing the boat pose...really well!

Brendan completing the tree pose. Great concentration!!

Warrior pose.

Vocational Support:
Brendan is also supported during his vocational experiences. The following pictures show him working with the PAWs program at PetSmart. He really enjoyed this vocational experience and worked well with his fellow students to complete tasks including: cleaning the cat litter boxes, cleaning the cages, cleaning the food bowls and socializing with the cats and kittens.

Field-trip Support: Roller Skating at Olympic Skating Rink
Brendan trying roller blades for the first time!

Brendan and his classroom peers participated in a Spa Day to expose them to relaxing and pampering sensory experiences to learn it is necessary to take care of yourself both emotionally and physically. They learned that hygiene is a very important aspect of their day and makes an impact on their overall emotional state, outlook, confidence level, impression making and socialization skills.