Recommended floor position to play: The side sit.

september 2015 002.JPG
Side sitting position to the right side.
september 2015 003.JPG
Reaching in side sitting is always a good way to promote weight bearing or shifting his weight to the right, left or forward positions. We work hard to promote this to help Amari learn to feel comfortable on both his right and left sides as well as leaning forward and building strength at his core. In this photo, Amari's is shifting his weight to the right side to reach for the crayons that are strategically placed just outside his immediate grasp; helping to encourage weight shifting, balance, strengthening and coordination.
september 2015 009.JPG
A play object (dry erase board) is placed near the middle of his body but also slightly in front of him. This encourages Amari to shift his weight from sitting on the right side to his center and left while bending forward to reach the writing surface.